About Jason Schmetzer

Who I Am

I hate people who write about themselves in the third person, don’t you?

Like hates it, like Gollum hates things?

I want to help you succeed. That’s about as far as I can boil it down.

I wanted to be, and am, a writer. But I always liked puzzles, too, and when I found myself with the opportunity to try digital marketing, I discovered this miracle mix of creativity and analysis. I found out how much I love trying to solve the puzzle of connecting you with your consumers.

What channels do we use? What ad formats? What copy, and in what cadence? Email or SMS? Every day or once a month? Will they buy once or over and over again?

That’s marketing.

That’s what I love.

One of the reasons I love it is also because, at its pure heart, marketing is storytelling. 

And I’m a storyteller.

I’m a marketer, but I’m also a novelist.

What I've Done

I’ve been lucky enough to have two careers. By day I’m a digital marketing leader; at night, I’m a writer and an editor.

I’ve been a conversion copywriter, and a hirer of conversion copywriters. 

I’ve built Google ad campaigns with budgets of a few dollars, and overseen multi-million dollar agency budgets.

I’ve written emails to a list of 36 addresses, and overseen teams that send literally millions of emails every month.

I’ve done keyword research and hired SEO agencies; run Screaming Frog reports and read technical SEO reports.

I reduced consumer acquisition cost by 30% within my first 90 days.

I moved websites across CMSs and brands across ESPs.

I’ve hired entry-level specialists and presented to CEOs. 

Where doesn’t matter, but my LinkedIn is up to date if you need to check.

How I Can Help You

I said before I want to help you succeed.

It really is that simple.

I want to help you find the obstacle in your path, the rock in the shoe of your marketing that’s giving you blisters and holding you back.

I want to help you wow your consumers so much they can’t stop talking about you.

I want to help you find the insight that changes a mediocre campaign into a stellar one.

I know what those successes feel like. I know what missing them hurts like.

I want you to feel that success.

That’s really it.